Linux, University Search, and the Names of God


Hmmm, I got back from class today with every intent to boot into Windows to look for material to support my thesis. Of course, when I attempted to do that, I was completely unsuccessful. For reasons beyond what I can fathom, my formerly perfectly running Windows installation would no longer boot. So, I have spent the day in Slackware, after fixing X and my audio of course. This is a really busy week, so I was overjoyed to find out that my main rig was on the fritz. Whatever, I just hope that I really don't need Word and Visio as much I as suspect I might. I have quite a bit of writing and flowcharting to do for my term paper and microbiology lab... I also started looking for new universities for next fall, given the stint at GRCC is not going to work out. Stupid waiting lists... Anyway, as soon as I have worked up a short list, I'll post 'er up here for comments, especially from those that know anything personally about the given choices. So far, I have calculated rough pricetags on academic costs for about 10 of them. Of course, though that is certainly not the only concern, it is an important one. I already have more than enough debt to start life off with. I have a great link here about the names of God used in the Bible. A fascinating look at what most people most likely miss. יהוה is actually the most important one. So important, that is not allowed to be spoken by anyone but the High Priest. I never knew that before. Anyway, here is the link.