All Alone at the Top of the World


Here at the 53rd parallel, I am amazingly far away from everyone and everything. For the most part, I appreciate the solitude as I work out where my life is going and how I am going to get to my ultimate goals. It also lends itself a bit to an emotional detachment from what happens elsewhere. I am often aware of some of what goes on elsewhere, but my involvement is necessarily extremely limited. While this can be negative at times, on the whole I have found this to be something that I can live with. I have genuinely come to enjoy living out in Western Canada. I generally like the area, though I certainly have my complaints about certain things -- like the price of a movie ticket. Many of these problems would be mitigated if I was earning a living wage, however. I can't say where I will end up in the next five years — indeed, I have no idea where I will wind up this summer, but I am confident now that I am up to the task of living whereever I may need to. My anxiety levels get higher each day that I don't have a job, but hopefully I will have a breakthrough soon. I went to CaPS (Career and Placement Services) at the U,and they had a few tips on how to revise my employment information. I still maintain that there is a crack in the dam somewhere, and I am determined to exploit it as soon as I can find it.