Eek! Finals!


This has been an awful week, and even though I knew it was coming, that didn't help. I have been studying like crazy for this weeks finals, and I can only hope that my grades are decent. I think I got a B+/A- in pharmacology, so in the first grade I am getting back, things look good. I had kind of set a goal for myself of nothing below a 75 for this semester, and I think I am going to hit that goal (hopefully). That is, if the exam tomorrow goes well. It is microbiology, so there are hundreds of little factoids I am supposed to memorize for fill-in-the-blank. It's amazing how on edge you can be kept with Euro dance or rap/hip-hop and a healthy dose of caffeine. I can't hardly stop shaking. And my fingers continually dance to a rhythm that plays endlessly in my head. The beat for "Switch" by Will Smith has never really left my head, so today during my biochem exam, I was silently answering questions to the melody. Kind of sad... I'll be glad when this thing is all over.