Fighting Apathy


It is amazing to me that weather outside at this time of year is directly proportional to my feelings about studying. This is the absolute worst time of the year for me to lose my focus and resolve, and yet this weekend, I watched my determination crumble beneath me. Amazing. In any case, I have less than one month to go, and I vow to continue running until I have finished. It is the very least that I can do at this late stage in the game. Friday I went to an alumni party with people from my floor last year. Ryan and Lisa booked a room at the Fantasy Land hotel over in West Edmonton Mall, and I stayed there until 1 in the morning chatting about all kinds of random stuff. That room was a bit small for $260 It was a good night, but it got me off to a bad start on what I had hoped would be a productive weekend. The hour lost this morning did little to help either. In any case, I am hoping there is yet time to salvage my studying attempts before my oral final on Thursday in French. I am very sad to see the Pope pass away. He was, in my opinion, one of the greatest Popes that this world has seen, and I am not a Catholic. I truly view him as a great man, in both theology (well, minus a few longstanding problems like transubstantiation) and as a person. He did much for this world in forging bonds between the Protestants and Jews alike, as well as underming the Soviet Union's strength in eastern Europe. I look on with anticipation and a spectre of anxiety to see who will be chosen in conclave. This time calls for a strong Pope, and a bad decision here will be difficult to recover from. In any case, I have a midterm tomorrow. Au revoir.