Final Two Weeks


Well, that tears it, I am living in Lister for less than two more weeks for the rest of my life. It is kind of an odd feeling, really. I have genuinely enjoyed my time living here, despite thinking I wouldn't. It certainly has its downsides, but in retrospect, they were far outweighed by the good times and friends that I have had. At the end of it all, I am grateful for the times that I have spent here, and I wait with anticipation for the next phase of my life. It only gets harder from this point on. With regard to the next phase, I have found a place to live for at least part of this summer, but I am still working on employment. It is a struggle, to be sure, but I have found two jobs that I believe are very promising, and so I hope I will get an offer from one of them. It is an odd thought, spending my summer in the West, but one that I can tolerate. Right now I am studying for pharmacology, struggling to commit to memory all of this autonomic garbage. It is quite a tricky thing to master, and understanding all of the different terms and receptors is proving to be a challenge. But it fascinates me in what it allows me to do with drugs, understanding how to treat symptoms or illnesses, etc.