Credit Card Cheques


Well, my money is stretched to a point where those normally annoying cheques sent by your over eager credit card company look attractive. I swear, I have been looking over them a lot recently, trying to decide if maybe cashing one wouldn't be such a bad idea... Of course, the interest rate on that puppy is horrendous, and the thought of paying back that little loan chills me to the bone. It would kinda be funny if it weren't so sad. In any case, hopefully soon will come the big days where I actually make a few sales, and can turn my attention away from my measly finances. In any case, this should prove to be an interesting week. I went to Granum and came back already, and am newly armed with a very dirty car with bad shocks. My insurance also went up to nearly double what it was last summer since I switched insurance companies. The good news is that the rates drop 40% on my next birthday, bur fortunately, I won't be driving the car then. No matter, the car makes it far easier to get to work and between lots and for that I am thankful. I just wish I could figure out how to pay for all of this. I'll write more tomorrow once I have gotten some sleep. Toodle-loo