The Move, The End, and The ____?


Well, I have finished all of my exams, and despite my tardiness in posting here, everything went well. Well, except for microbiology -- that exam was absolutely terrible. I hope that I still received a good grade in that class after all of that... In any case, that is the end to my second full year of university, which kind of creeps me out a bit. I am just about to turn 21, and my university education is halfway completed. I think that is enough to scare many people... In any case, my residence was fairly adamant that we vacate the building within 24 hours of finishing our final exams. That meant that I had to be out by Friday at 4 PM or so. I did make that time, though it wasn't a whole lot of fun. I really hate that job. There is nothing worse than trying to cram your life into a few boxes and then try to transport it to heaven knows where. I left my defective smoke detector unplugged, and I have a sneaky suspiscion that I will be billed for that, but hopefully I get lucky. In any case, I have left Lister for the last time, and there is a certain amount of sadness associated with that. I can't say that the building was any great thing, in fact, the elevators pissed me off constantly; they never worked correctly. But in spite of that, it was the people and community that I came to love, specifically, those that lived on my floor. I am very sorry to see them go, and I can only hope they keep in touch. I have now all of the photos I have taken, my notes, and my memories... I am not sure where I am now. I moved out of Lister into a house a few blocks south of the university. Actually, I have barely unpacked anything because I am really unsure as to what is going on. I am looking for a job in Alberta, wondering where my life is going and what is in store next. It is hard to say what I will be doing even six months from now, but I hope to have a job sometime really soon, and with a little bit of an income, I can begin sketching how things are going to look. Right now I am happy to accomplish the little things, like filing my tax returns today. And I am getting back a decent refund too.