No Furniture?!


Things are wrapping up here at my current house, all other members having moved out. They also took their furniture with them today, so woefully, I am without a bed for awhile. I am a tough young guy, but it sure is nice to have a bed. I am sleeping on the only furniture left here-- a sofa. I think it'll work out. I am moving out on Thursday, so for the most part, I don't have long to live like this. Luckily almost all of my stuff is still in boxes from when I moved here in the first place. It'll make it a little less of a task to move. In any case, I am staying busy lately. Making the finances stretch is a full time job in itself lately. Hopefully my paycheck makes things easier soon. Trying to balance the car payment, insurance, rent, utilities, groceries, gas, and other miscellaneous expenses is a struggle at the very least. Besides that, I am supposedly saving for school tuition and housing... Oh well, I will try to chronicle more of my life tomorrow and we'll see if things gets a little more interesting.