I've finally done it. That is, I baked a casserole tonight and it turned out fairly well. Now, to be fair, it was a very easy casserole to make, but the point is that I did accomplish it. Winking Smiley In any case, I like it because it's tasty, at least somewhat healthy (moreso than potato chips), and I can make two meals out of one, which means less effort by me. The casserole dish lends itself well to that purpose, I can save the dish in exactly what it was made in with a lid and everything. I met a couple from Montréal today that were deaf. That is the strangest business experience I can recall recently. Trying to translate and write down my responses in French for them and understanding what they were trying to say was difficult at best blink. In any case, they were looking for "un nouvel camping-car." Or put differently, a new motorhome, which ArrKann does not offer. For those of you who would like to see some of the trailers that I have on the lot, check out this site.