Oh my gosh, I need to get outta Alberta soon. I am actually seriously considering packing up a a backpack and hitchhiking, railpass, whatever somewhere, anywhere else. Every once in a while I get a huge compulsion to go somewhere else. I was partially sated over the school year because I went to BC, Massachusetts, and Michigan, to name a few. That and getting here, of course I went through Indiana, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, etc... The last place I was at was either my relatives place in Southern Alberta or North Battleford, SK. Normally I plan some kind of trip, and budget for it, etc. This summer my means are so limited that I have done none of that. I also realized while playing around in Outlook that we are already at July 12th of this year. I am fast running out of summer, and I have accomplished absolutely nothing with my time. It's really kind of embarrassing. Almost enough so that I feel like giving up. But I can't, because I have some serious bills to pay. I am really feeling the pressure now, I guess. Anybody who still reads this, keep in touch. It's gotta have been anywhere from several weeks to six months since I have seen you last.