OBD II and Haircuts


Apparently, an OBD II code reader is absolutely essential to diagnosing problems that a car reports through its onboard computer. Unfortunately for me, I am lacking one of these devices (available on Amazon for $99). The charge up here for me to get a mechanic to do it is floating from $35 to $65. I'd really like to know what that car is reporting, but that kind of money is really out of my hands. We'll see if I have any more problems with the stupid thing. I took the majority of the day off to accomplish some tasks I couldn't seem to get around to otherwise. I think it worked. I got the first haircut I have had since April. It sure was nice to get rid of the mop. I also did a little cleaning, and a few other odds and ends. The only end I really have left is to sell 20 trailers. It was a little weird not to celebrate the Fourth of July, but I think I'll get over it. At least I had the day off. In any case, I should probably catch some Zzz's before tomorrow.