Site Redesign


School is creeping back up on me slowly but surely, and yet, I have so much to accomplish this summer. I realized that I have a whole lot of projects that I wanted to get to this summer, not least of which is redesigning this website. I took about it all the time, but I actually mean it. This look is getting rather dated, but trying to get me to recode this is like pulling teeth. Something about the project gets me... in a procrastinating mood. I also need to balance the books and register for the next year's classes. And with that goes a lot of studying. I do not believe I am anywhere close to being ready to take Chem 211/213 yet. I guess I'll just have to get a little more focused and disciplined for the rest of the summer. Moving constantly has certainly been an unwelcome distraction, as has the sales uncertainty. I wish I could put to death all of the demons haunting me, but for now... The burden is barely manageable at the moment, but things aren't getting any better, that's for sure. Apparently, had a friend of mine been able to get a hold of me, I could have had a job guarding the Harry Potter books for $20/hour. As it was, I did sell a trailer that night, but it kinda figures... The perfect opportunity comes along and I'm out to lunch.