Busted Stove and Rain


It's phenomenal to me how rainy it is in Edmonton this summer. Many people up here have told me it's the rainiest summer in 16 years, and I'd certainly believe that. It seems like it rains 4 to 5 days out of a week minimum. Alberta is supposed to be Big Sky Country, but it's hard to appreciate that when completely socked in. I am at work right now, and i haven't seen a soul since I got here except for the odd parts customer. It's pretty darn slow. I had the university send out some cleaning people to take care of the fridge and the cupboards which were absolutely filthy. In the process, they managed to fry the oven and range. So the last two days I have been eating salads and pizza. Unbelievable. The damage was so extensive and involving exotic parts that they are going to have to provide a small loaner range/oven for me to use for the next two months. Despite that, at least I am getting the place fixed up a little. The electrician scared me today though. The building is older and has no elevator, sprinkler system, etc. One kitchen fire, and I could be in a world of trouble. Needless to say, I was thinking about lowering my insurance deductable. Well, my time of having a car is nearly done, and I am really going to miss it. Edmonton is really best experienced with a car, sadly. The bus service is really lousy around here and I will miss the convenience of going easily down Calgary Trail and getting groceries. Of course, with parking at my apartment costing $65 a month, I really can't afford to be driving right now either. Maybe if I get lucky and win the lottery, I'll be able to afford the $1.03/litre gas around here.