Waking Nightmare


Well, it wasn't that bad, but the night went badly. I spent the weekend at my Uncle's place in Southern Alberta and I could feel it then! That ticklish raw feeling at the back of my throat. It was just enough to know that something was horribly wrong. By Monday that feeling had evolved into complete and utter illness -- by my standards, anyway. By that evening, after the obligatory seven hours imprisoned on the slow moving soulcrusher (Greyhound), I was thoroughly defeated. I felt exhausted, and my throat was now as sore as it gets. After discussing matters with the RN of the family (mom), I decided to get a thermometer, which meant I had to leave the house again. Sure enough, the thermometer revealed a healthy temperature of 39 C. I was burning up. But I had to go and let the people over at the office know that I couldn't pick up the keys till the following day. I was in no shape to move. While walking over there, I did some I could only do while fevered. I locked the keys in the car. Forty five minutes on the cellphone, an hour of standing in the rain later, and $81 CAD paid to AMA, I was back in my vehicle on the way home. What a night... mad In any case, tomorrow I must wake up relatively early so that I can move all of my junk over to the new place. The room over there looks very small, so I am more than a little nervous that I won't have enough room. I suppose I'll find out in a few days. blink It's a weird setup. I have keys for my room, the suite (4 bedroom), and for the building. It's basically a 4 bedroom appt with two bathrooms. Only one of the bathrooms has a shower, however. I chose it because I wasn't responsible for the rent on the enitre suite, just the bedroom I have. We'll see if it works. My lease is month to month, so I can bail out at the end of September if it doesn't fly.