21, Classes Started, and the Insanity Begins


Though it has been long since I posted, the same humdrum continues to exist. I have managed to to pass the seond to last (or last) important age in adulthood. In some ways I suppose that's exhilerating. My inurance dropped quite a bit, for instance. In other ways it's rather terrifying since I am now truly responsible in every way for myself. Also, I have a hard time seeing where the years have gone. I am still sitting outside of my full 5 classes for the term. All of my classes began last week Wednesday, and so they have been going for a week, but the one Analytical Chem class I need has thus eluded me. There is hope that I may get into the class tomorrow, but I don't know how much hope. If I don't get it, I'll look for something else I can get into quickly. I cannot afford to waste any more time. In any case, I plan to post much more ofver the coming days about what I have been up to and plans for the future, but as I have much to do tomorrow, and even more to do the next day, I think I will get some much needed sleep before I collapse.