"In America"


I watched the movie "In America" last night and loved it. The movie was quite sad, in many ways, but very well done, and the acting was superb. The two little girls did an especially good job. I don't wish to give too much away on the subject, but I will link to a glowing review that Ebert posted on it. Despite the presence of child actors, however, I would not recommend this movie for younger viewers. There is a fair bit of mature subject matter in here. I will have a busy day tomorrow. I plan on going to the West End CRC in the morning, and that should be a positive experience. It ill be the first CRC church I have been to in Edmonton. They are qwuite inconvenient to get to, unfortunately. After that, I am afraid that I will have to stuff myself into a library for several hours. I really need to start going through some textbooks. Note: The picture series will continue tomorrow.