Picture #1


livingroom.jpg That is the first shot to be seen by most of my living room. As you can see, there's a lovely aquarium on the one side of it with two feeder goldfish in it at the moment. I plan on replaceing them with something a little nicer at some point, but for now these guys will do. The furniture is not mine, it's actually owned by a Chinese guy that was living here when I moved in. He is planning on being out of here at the end of this term, so that room might be empty for a while. Labs are getting more interesting all the time. I had my second Biology lab today in 207, and my fervent hope is that it gets better. I have two Chem 211 labs this week as well, due to the need to make up a session. In any case, these are the classes that I need for a degree, and so I am taking them. The increasing need to study is becoming more than apparent as well. My need for employment has not decreased at all either, and I am hoping I have something by the end of this week.