Picture #2


Picture of Colorful Fall Street This is a picture of the street that I live on here in Edmonton. It's sad that this kind of view will only last for a few more days. I took it this afternoon, but usually the wind and rain will rip the majority of the leaves off in very little time. Still, for a brief window I can enjoy a little natural beauty. In any case, the only time I usually see that view is when quickly shuttling to class or back. My make-up Chem 211 lab is tomorrow, and I am really not looking forward to it. Now this is not surprising, because I have never really looked forward to this lab, and I don't anticipate doing so in the future. Nevertheless, the lab is tomorrow and I hope I am adequately prepared. I spent a good amount of time today going over techniques and procedures, so we'll see. I have almost finalized all of my courses for the year. I have two more next semester to settle on, and then I'm set. Of course, I am still looking for employment, but one step at a time.