Picture #3


Every once in a while, I get the feeling that something in life was manipulated - a fairly rare occurence. I was visiting Lister for a few minutes after class yesterday, when I heard my cell phone go off. I answered it and heard scuffling. Thinking it to be poor cellular reception, I checked the caller ID and waited for the caller to be be able to speak. Just as I was about to hang up, I heard my name mentioned as if at a distance. Puzzled, I continued to listen in. It turns out the my friend's cell called mine while it was in his pocket. The microphone was conveniently positioned so I could hear them talking about me! Amazingly enough, I was to hear two of my friend's talking behind my back. Needless to say, I didn't consider the chatter to be complementary. After about 4 or so minutes, the guy I was visited called the other friend of mine's cell phoen and let him know that I had heard eveything. I consider this scenario unlikely for the following reasons: One, I do not always carry my cell phone, and regularly miss calls only to follow them up later. Two, his cell phone randomly called me out of the 30 or so odd numbers that are stored in his address book. Third, this happened at just the right time so that he was with another friend of mine, and they are complaining about, of all things, my thriftiness (ironic, because they live off their parent's money). And finally, the mike, though in his pocket, was oriented so that I could hear and identify the two voices. Though it is possible that this was coincidence, I tend to believe otherwise. The sequence of events was highly unlikely. I am still trying to figure out why "reality was tweaked..."