I think that this is a common plea among those who realize that they're in over their heads. I often wonder if the moment you stop crying out for it, is the moment that you have traded reality for an illusion. I increasingly think that people are trapped within their own minds. Enslaved to think and behave outside of their absolute conscious control. Do we have free will? No. Not really, in any case. It may seem that we do, but we've been set up. The very nature of our brain, our culture, and language itself all affect the way we think. I don't believe for a moment that that absolves one of responsibility in life, it just mitigates their behaviour. It also gives grace more meaning. It must sadden God deeply to see people so far away from "Truth" (in a Platonic sense), and not even be aware of it. Not only have we failed God, but we have failed so badly that we can't see it anymore. I look out among the general population and think: they're lost and so am I. The sheep have scattered and are following the wolves.