Merry Christmas


Once again another Christmas has come and gone. And once again, I am left feeling more than a little melancholy. it is hard not to think as the year dies of the impossibly huge number of times I screwed up. Still, I look at it as a happy time of year. It had been ages since I had last seen any family, so it was delightful to seen them all again. And likewise, I haven't been in the US for an entire year, much less Michigan, so I have a ton of people to visit over the coming week and I am truly looking forward to that. I have been busy trying to fix the '79 Cadillac we have here for my touring car. So far, it has gone better than expected. The car is actually running thus far, and tomorrow we put in a plastic rear window. I think this may actually work. My other project has been fixing our hot tub. I have a bad feeling that is not going as well. Earlier in the year an elbow broke and leaked, and then the whole works froze. I thawed everything out, but the collateral damage seems to be worse than initially anticipated. The pipes are spitting out ball bearings and that's never a good sign, and just now the tub was spitting out an error code. Bad news. My grades are probably up now, but I am more than a little nervous to check them. I have a bad feeling that they may not be too hot. This was certainly not one of my better semesters. And anyway, on this internet connection, nearly everything is painful. I don't particularly like wading through the insane PeopleSoft registration system to view something I don't at the moment feel particularly inclined to peek at anyway. Anyway, it's 2:30 AM, and i should probably hit the sack.