Catching Up


I am disappointed my little break is coming to an end so fast, though it's far from surprising. I did not have much of a break to begin with, unfortunately. Only two weeks allows very little room for play. I used it as best as I could however. I got to meet up with a lot of family and old friends, so in that light it was successful. I still feel like i have so much to do though. I never even made it to the dentist, and that's a big problem. Dentist visits without insurance are a major problem. I have to put some new tires on the Cadillac tomorrow and see a few people that I haven't yet seen, pack, and it's all over. If I am lucky, I will get a nice bump for a free ticket, but i don't see it happening. I want to take the Lanboy (cheap computer) back up to school with me this year as it's not doing much good sitting here. We'll have to see if I actually succeed at that. I guess it all depends on the check-in attendant's mood. In any case, I need sleep.