First Class


I am back up in Edmonton after a bizarre or at least unusual flight back on Northwest Airlines. It went about as well as can be expected, though a little quirky. I doubt the airport security screeners are that used to finding things like Soldering guns and LCD displays packed in people's luggage (which incidentally cost me an extra $25 for overweight luggage). Of course, I almost didn't receive any of that luggage at all. It got lost in Minneapolis, apparently. So I took my first flight on an incredibly loud DC-9 which was uneventful. I had no layover to speak of, hoever, and thus had no time to grab anything more than some vending machine fair. As it turns out, this would not matter. When I boarded the aircraft to Edmonton, we wound up sitting on the concrete for quite a while due to some kind of mechanical problem or other hooey. I was stuc in a middle seat too, since I checked in too late. About fifteen minutes after I boarded the plane, a flight attenadant asked me if I wanted to move up to first class due to " balancing issues" blink I have never moved so fast in my life. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure this is where I dropped my ID too. Nevertheless, first class was excellent. I actually had a meal, and massive seat and the seat next to me as well. The flight attendants up there really lavish the service on you as well, so before anybody else in the aircraft was served I had a pepsi in a glass cup with a meal. And ever since the cutbacks... well, I haven't had a meal on an airline in years. And actually, it was quite good. I really savored that, and it's a good thing, because after getting grilled by customs (the guy thought I was suspiscious, and having lost my Alberta ID, well, that didn't help matters any), I found out that my luggage never made it. I did, however, receive it the next day. I arrived back bleary eyed and exhausted, and of course, had to unpack, a process I am still nibbling at. I have class of course on Monday which I can't say I am extremely excited about, but who knows? I am making this an incredible start, and I eased up my schedule a little bit too.