Late Night Chats


Nikhil and Hiebert
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One of the upsides to having an apartment is the ability to entertain on a limited basis. I wish to stress limited here, as the folks are getting an oreo and a cup of tea (usually Red Rose) with non-matching mugs. Still, the opportunity for wonderfully inflammatory conversation can't be passed up. And to be honest, the refreshments aren't that bad. It's these kind of perks that one can enjoy towards the beginning of the semester.

Classes are beginning well, and I have actually already purchased two textbooks, which is quite the rarity for me. I actually really need to work this semester, and to that end, I am not doing too bad so far. Of course, this is only the first week, so time will tell wink. But surpringly, just having the textbooks available is a wonderful imducement to peruse through them. Too hard to work up the motivation to go to the library. Never underestimate the power of laziness. Heh.