Guns and Phones


Grandpa holding Over And Under As so happens when you live in a place for many years, the subject of guns invariably comes up, and when it does, I usually mention some of my fond memories on the subject of shooting skeet or knocking off pop cans. Usually, I mention that I accomplished these feats of heroism with my trust over and under, which nobody quite knew what I was talking about. As this gun will like never see Canada due to ridiculous firearms restrictions, I have put it here in it's full photographic glory. As one can see from the picture, the over is composed of a .222 calibre rifle, and the bottom is a 20 gauge shotgun. The bottom barrel is common enough that I won't explain it. The top is similar to the common .22 that everyone talks about, but it has a much larger charge, and thus a greater velocity. It makes a darn good rabbit gun. I am angrily facing the possibility at this point of having to purchase another cell phone. I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to do this, however, after ripping apart everything, I cannot think of anywhere else the stupid thing would be. It has just completely vanished. Without a trace.