Conjugation with F plasmids


Valentine's Day sounds so much more meaningful and beautiful when decribed with baterial DNA transfer terms. What could possibly be more romantic for Valentine's than learning exactly what means bacteria use to have "sex"? On that topic, wouldn't it be great to study birth and death rates and the associated statistics for Daphnia (a small aquatic species)? Didn't think so. Yet here i am, listening to my prof drone on in that seemingly incredible cure for insomnia. That said, i am panicking as tomorrow it the time for my prokarotics genetics course, and I am not ready for it. That class is really difficult, and I can't afford anything but an excellent grade. Now that all three of you are feeling sorry for me, I'll mention that I am flying out to Vancouver this weekend until Thursday for a little pseudo R & R. i say pseudo and mean it, as I have to get two papers and my job hunt for this summer over in that time as well. I imagine I will be busy typing away on my notebook while watching the Daytona 500. That said, I do plan on spending some time seeing some new sites and exploring. I am also looking forward to some guilt free viewing of the Olympics, which I am a huge sucker for. In any case, i should probably head back to my notes and my half ear to the lecture.