International Week Quiz


All this week I had some desire to see a few of the presentations at the university on international issue and human rights. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, I wasfar too busy running from one building to the next for nothing of consequence. In the end, the only event I made out of the week long schedule was the final quiz event. I played for the "Holy Rollers" which was the U of A chaplain team. I was kind of pumped for it, as normally trivia is my strong suit. When I walked up to our table, I saw the rest of my team, and then... my french teacher? Apparently she had volunteered to proctor for the event, and by some strange coincidental twist, she wound up at our table. And that was more than a little awkward. My class is pretty much immersion. The class in conducted completely in French, so up until today, I have never heard her speak English...To be honest, I didn't know how good she would be, as she is just here on an exchange from France. Anyway, it turned out alright, crazy that is. We did well, mostly overcoming the horrible organization, but the end was the worst. Much to my prof's amusement, I wound up finger painting the poster for International Week with Hiebert, as all the chaplains had to leave. How embarrassing.... We didn't remember anything. In the end, we did alright, but lost by a good margin due to the last event. I figure if nothing else, I had a good time, and for once this semester, I understood my French teacher wink