Vanishingly Small


My chances for free time this weekend, that is. It's a pity too, since there'salways so much to do, but sadly, I have the first midterm of the semester on Monday, and I have no doubts that it will be quite difficult. After the disappointing previous semester, it's even more important to get this one right. So that will occupy the majority of my time, and I suppose the rest will be spent on work. Due to my busier than normal schedule during the week, I was forced to move my time at the lab to Saturday. Otherwise, it's been a good semester so far in many ways. It's definately flying by, I can't believe it's already February. A little disturbing too, as my summer job search has been a little slow. I have some good potentials, but I haven't made many moves to secure any of them yet. Perhaps I will do that for my Friday night.