Weekend Hell


As has been previously discussed, i found myself at the beginning of the semester needing a productive change. Specifically, i needed better grades. The rubber is soon to hit the road, as next week I have all of my midterms, or nearly so. i even have the encouragement to start studying immediately after my quiz this morning, which was ugly... Amazing how the nicest teachers can have the nastiest exams. I swear i hadn't even seen a third of those terms, and that was after diligently copying down all the terms off the whiteboard. In any case, I have cut my hours at work next week and sloughed off some extracurricular activities in order to focus on the exams. Some of my classes are interesting, and those are at least interesting to work through and practice, while others are far from it. Ecology and prokaryotic genetics are... well... boring as all get out. I don't mind working through Geology and French though. I imagine I'll be solving a lot of practice problems and making a lot of notecards. The upside? This time next week, I'll be packing my bag for my flight out to Vancouver. I figure I've got one of the best carrot and stick combos out there. wink