First Day of Spring


First Day of Spring
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As some of you may know, we recently moved into spring a few days ago. Or at least, according to the calendar. He in Edmonton, spring doesn't really roll around until June or so. But I am used to this world of white now, and it could just be cold and brown outside. Oddly enough, this is preferable, though I miss the use of my bike. But still, usually we have just a thin layer of snow, so it was great to see a significant snowfall for once.

It has been extremely busy for me lately. In fact, I have had little time to anything fun. This week is class registration, so I am trying to hammer out some sort of acceptable schedule for next year. It is not easy though. And of course, I had two quizzes, an eight page lab report, and the usual complement of studying and working while trying to find a job for this summer. Needless to say,I have done a serious bit of running around.

It's hard to even start detailing everything I have been up to since the last time I posted, but there's been a game's night, St. Patty's day fun, and theological discussions with Jehovah's Witnesses just to start... Next time, perhaps.