Flesh Eating Disease and Love


As so often happens in university, there is a great volume of needed stuff to be accomplished and only very limited time for it all. This weekend, due to my inability to write this paper earlier, finds me trying to write a 300 word essay about some facet of love en fran├žais and study for what will surely be a grueling midterm about virulence factors, exotoxins, and immunopathologies. I had wanted to get more of it done before this weekend, but quite frankly, I couldn't find a great way to start the paper. I don't like those questions... Still, irregardless, I have to have something to turn in on Monday which means that irrespective of my feelings, I will be writing something tomorrow. I can only hope that it's something good... For the same reasons, I am sure I'll be up to my elbows in reference literature and notes preparing for my last midterm on Monday. It'll feel good just to be done with them all, I suspect. Then I can move on to focusing on papers and finals. Such is life. Ironically enough, the day that we talked about Streptococcus pyogenes in class, the lead story on MSNBC was about a woman in her forties who succumbed to necritising fasciitus caused by that organism. They amputated her arm and a substantial amount of tissue from her torso before she passed away anyway. Really quite creepy, and it happens really fast. Docotrs thought that from infection to death was about 3 days in this case. That's not a whole lot of room for error.