No Coffee


i started out this morning without the habit which I so often indulge. Blood testing does not allow so much as a stick of gum within 8 hours of the test, so i hd to make do with a nice cold glass of water, the only thing that actually is any case, it was a pleasant lunch when I was finally allowed to choke down a hot cup 'o jjoe. Well, that, and have a sandwish. Normally I stop by at the Chaplain's office around noon for a cup of coffee as it's free and there's usually a good conversation, but there's been non of that this week either, except for a few minutes on Monday. The head chaplain headed out of town for his brother's funeral, leaving me looking for another way to satiate my habit. it wasn't a bad idea, I have killed a lot of precious hours chatting about current issues. Besides that, America's favorite beverage, and potentially Canada's too (aside from beer) has been taking a lot of flak lately. Today's article on slashdot was actually all about how coffee may not be as healthy as once thought. Not that i have ever cared much about a beverage's healthiness, but at least now I can feel less disappointed about it's absence.