6th Semester Bites the Dust


I have put an end to my sixth semester at the U of A. I am really looking forward to finishing with my final exams now. My classes were mostly interesting, but I am really looking forward to putting paid to Prokaryotic Genetics. It's been a long somewhat interesting semester. Ecology turned out to be close to what I had originally thought - long and boring. I wound up sleeping through or completely ignoring everything that the prof went through. On the last day of class, he was covering the nutrient cycle, again. Normally before a big holiday like Easter, you're getting ready to enjoy life and it's bounty and meet with family, etc. Thanks to my exams, I will instead be slaving away in some musty library on campus, feverishly trying to cram a semester's worth of operons, regulatory mutations, and off grammar in the back of my mind. Easter dinner looks like it'll be some type of McDonald's fare. Maybe I'll hide a few eggs for myself.