Spent the last two days in Fairview, Alberta. For those of you not living out here, that's about 6 hours northwest of Edmonton. Thus far, the trips up there have been relatively fruitless, but after a good 16 hours of searching, we came across two suitable sites for our collection of flea beetles. Nonetheless, getting back after midnight is exhausting. Once again, I hear little but the call of my sheets. Tomorrow morning will likely see us out to Vegreville for some more plantings. Still, at around 75 minutes, that trip is considerably shorter than yesterdays. The the title so eloquently suggests, finally ran across a moose while driving south on highway 43 today. Nothing particularly special about it, but rare enough. Always a concern near the highway. There really is nothing like hitting a moose. Really puts a damper on the rest of the week, especially since we have a rental Chevy van right now. Of course, there was quite the abundance of deer too. All in all, I am seeing a great deal of the province right now, though it's going to cost me many a set of crappy jeans and old t-shirts from all the mud and thistles.