Summer of Gaming


Somehow, a friend of mine suckered me into picking up a copy of World of Warcraft. So in addition to my unbelievably hectic summer schedule, I have been playing quite a bit of WoW. It is a fun game, and so far I have a level 24 character and a level 8 character.It certainly is a great way to kill a couple of hours. Put on a headset so I can hangout on Teamspeak (a way to talk to other players without typing) and burn a few hours. Not terribly productive, but then leisure rarely is. Everybody needs a bit of dowtime ;-). Over the last few days my thoughts have increasingly turned towards camping and the fact that I haven' t done any of it for a couple years. I once again find myself itching to get out there for a few days with a sleeping bag, tent, and a package of hotdogs. I am thinking the Canada Day weekend would work out pretty well. Go out to Jasper and chill out for a days under the stars with a fishing pole. It's been a few years since I have done any of that really, too. Tiem for me to get to the grocery store, I think.