Cooking Hot


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It's American Independence Day today, but of course, I am in Lethbridge, and I have been here all day. Alberta has been amazingly hot over the last week or so. I have been sleeping with a fan on me or in a hotel with air conditioning. Mostly hotels. I also went to Jasper National Park over the weekend. That was a lot cooler than being in the city at night, but during the day it was about the same. I am semi-hoping for a cooldown, but that's tempered by my extreme dislike of rain while doing field work. I guess I'd prefer to cook than to freeze and soak.

The heat also was nice for the park. it made for amazing photos, though it got more than a little uncomfortable at times. We had a genuinely good time out there: sleeping 4 people in a 2 -3 man tent, hiking the 9.6 km (with 700 m incline) to Sulfur Ridge, and swimming in glacier lakes. It was a good way to celebrate Canada Day, I think. Now that I am back in Lethbridge, I am wishing I was asleep.

Hopefully more details to follow tomorrow.