Ewww... What's that?


Indeed. I spent a good majority of the night cleaning out the apartment. It would seem that I am about to get a whole whackload of roommates while the old one moves out. As such, the university policy is that the apartment be clean whenever someone moves in oor out. Now, this wasn't the case when I moved in, nor was it the case when the last guy moved out. Theoretically, things should happen this way. In any case, the last guy to move out gave me no notice, so the university sent in cleaners, and I got a whopping big bill for it. I was eager to prevent for a second time in a row. Queue the spray bottle of Fantastik, two rolls of paper towels, and hours of scrubbing fun. I don't think anybody actually cleaned under the crispers in at least a year... Now of course, it's not finished, the oven still has to be done, as do the floors and a few other things, but I am gonna let the roomie grab those. Actually, I haven't worked since last Wednesday, and I won't until classes start. Looking at the date, that may seem a little weird, but I had a lot of overtime to burn off, hence I get a good solid break from the grind. I have been using it to do quite a bit of cleaning, laundry, groceries, and other chores that I have been putting off ofr the last six months. Plus, the weather has been great, so enjoying the time outdoors as well. My dad is flying out next week too, so I think that will eat up a good chunk of time. Tomorrow's agenda has everything on it from snag a Canadian passport to play a game to track down some course registration junk, so I should get my beauty sleep.