Coffee with Cream


It really is the best way to start the morning out. Bleary eyed I normally stumble to the kitchen and begin the time tested morning ritual which has served me so well in the past. Somehow in there, I think I need to factor in a morning jog. Over the years, I have picked up that habit and dropped it more times than I can count. But it was beneficial for me in the past, so I think I should start it up again so that I can stay awake in class and get a least some decent physical activity in a day. At least, that'sthe plan as it stands so far. My apartment has changed a bit i the last couple of weeks. All of my old roommates have finally moved out, so I have a set of three new ones, although the third has yet to even move in, despite the fact that classes have started. The last guy took his furniture with him too, so at present time, we don't have a dining room table, which is a little weird. I think we also need to pick up a few shelves and a cheap vacuum cleaner. Once things are a little more stable and set up, I'll try to post some photos of the new look. Classes look to be rather difficult this year, as I have all upper level science courses. Environmental chemistry may give me the most grief, but it's too early to say. My Genetics 390 (Genetic Techniques) may be pretty difficult as well. I'll have to spend quite a bit of time this year slogging through the material before I achive any sense of mastery. Not really looking forward to that, but at least a lot of my classes are quite interesting this year, so that should make things a bit easier. In the next few days, as I have done in the past, I will try to post a calendar of my schedule, so it's easier to get a hold of me.