Crock Pot and Kinetics


It was one of those weeks where nothing quite feels connected as it should. We've all had those weeks. Every event just feels shlighly askew. I lost my folder of notes and found it again, only to lose it a day later. It's just been... like that. Classes have fully started now with labs and homework, so I am getting busier. My appointment book is starting to fill out with review sessions, meetings, and the occasional party. Which means that I actually need good food, so I have done a bit of good cooking lately, prompted by some good sales on chicken, for instance. I am hoping to be able to cook enough in one day that I can have leftovers for a day o so after that, and crock pot dishes are good for that, as well as soups. To further that end, I went all the way to Superstore to get a stock pot that was on sale, only to find out that they'd never stocked it. I was not so impressed. I am hoping to get a bit of my chem homework done earlier in the week. I found out this Friday that it's best to start it five days or so before the due date. Yikes