As I was watching the U of M football game against Notre Dame, I realized that I only have one year left in my undergraduate studies. It seems somewhat hard to believe that so much time has passed up here. I origiinally came up here almost on a whim, and now I am in my fourth year, trying to figure out where all the time has gone. What's more, I now have to negotiate my way to what I am doing next, a somewhat difficult maneuver given that I am not sure of overall direction yet. In any case, I will do everything in my power to go out with a blaze. Spent the day going through and rearranging furniture, doing dishes, and looking over chemical kinetics and the problem set for environmental chemistry. I think I'll be actively cursing this class before things are done, but I guess you learn through pain. The prof made these questions quite hard, and since it is such a large percentage of the final mark, the problems have to be solved well. At least it finally feels like its fall out there. It was no higher than 4 C and it was raining all day long. Gotta love it.