Frozen Pizza


There's nothing that makes a university student happier than a good pizza, because let's face it, for minimum effort, you have something that is easy to eat while doing anything else, cheap, and at least passably nutritious. It's become part of a staple diet, and over the years, I wouldn't even want to hazard a guess as to how many pizzas I have eaten. Still, even after the number I have consumed, I am ready and eager to have another slice; it's just that good. And I could go for stuffed crust, thin crust, Chicago deep dish, or traditional. God bless Italians. As I paid my tuition yesterday, promptly spending almost the entirety of my summer earnings, it got me thinking whether or not this education is worth it. All of my blood, sweat, and tears going to pay some doofus to teach me thermodynamics all over again but with greater detail... As I sit here with an eraser, mechanical pencil, and my trusty TI-89, I must admit that I am constantly driven to doubt. There is something immensly satisfying about finishing a difficult problem, but maybe that's because it so rarely happens. Some of the last chem 303 problems have taken me an hour each. The prof deliberately writes the questions so I'll have to refer back to long forgotten prequisite matierlal. How evil. I am looking forward to semi nice weather around here at least for the time being. In addition to the dreaded chemistry homework I have tomorrow, a bike ride or something sounds good. After all, this is Canada, there could be snow next week.