It's that time of year again in many parts of the world where dedicated nature lovers will scramble through closets and storage containers to find hunter's orange so they can get back out in the field and woods. They'll embark on a frantic quest to rid themselves of any human odor and endeavor to remain motionless for hours at a time in search of their ever elusive prey. Being a student is not much different. Every year around this point in the semester many simply give up on hygiene, switching to old standby's like sweatpants. We too, will stalk our distant goal, paying thousands of dollars for the chance and experience. That said, I am sure most can guess what is the more enjoyable experience and for those that can't, I'll give you a hint. It's the one that doesn't involve the library. Of course, being in pursuit of that all too lofty achievement, namely a B.Sc., I spent the last several days wracking my brain for some reason why I had decided on advanced cellular biology. I am still struggling to come up with that answer after tonight's midterm. Nevertheless, life must continue on, and thankfully I have two substantial assignments to complete before Friday, as well as the usual retinue of things best put off or ignored (in a perfect world, anyway). Looking at my closet at the moment I can see that my laundry has reached critical mass and that something is possibly growing at the bottom. I'll have to look into it on Saturday -- once I get my gun and my hunter's orange.