Cracking Joints


This evening finds me exhausted after spending a very short night sleeping, and a very long one studying. I unfortunately have much to cover before Friday, and so I fear that any shortcomings in sleep will not be met before the weekend. Nevertheless, I am pressed most severely to immediately understand the intricacies and details of the generation of a cDNA library. And seeing as that I have my exam for immunology nd infection the same day, I'll also have to understand the nuature of allographs. In a somewhat curious fashion, I am afraid I did something to my knee, though I have no idea what. In any case, it's been killing me. I knelt down, and even my roommate could hear the joint pop. Since I didn't necessarily do anything that I know of to cause the problem, I am sort of hoping that it will just go away... Of course, since it is the holiday season, Starbucks has debuted the Peppermint mocha, which I promtly partook of with an old gift card. Delightful.