Rigors of Life


"Some X-linked genes escape inactivation in human females. These genes are located in the chromosome region that is also present on the Y chromosome, called the pseudo-autosomal region. Explain why this exception to X-inactivation makes sense from a genetic perspective in two well-written sentences." Know the answer to that one? I don't, but sometime tonight I need to answer that, preferably after a good read in my favorite textbook. Off the top of my head though, I would say that from an evolutionary point of view, the genes would have evolved from the context of two copies, and thus that extra gene function provided by the genes escaping X-linked inactivation may be necessary to produce the correct amount of the gene product. In other news, it's been an eventful term. When I am not compulsively watching House, I am usually prepping for the following days classes, labs, and work activities. At some point in here, I need to get some kind of work for this summer as well. I am hoping for something in my field, this being my fourth year and all, and that is somewhat more elusive than garden variety. I have some feelers out, and hopefully I get a bite pretty quick. I have no phone right now, as the router Vonage had sent me for it's service died a rather painful death the other night. Somewhat hard to get used to not having one either. I am forced to rely on a cell I really prefer not to ever use (expensive minutes). I am planning on contacting them, but knowing that will result in a long wait on the (gotcha) phone that I don't have, I need to wait until midterms are over. Next week is looking exceedingly busy as it is right before the reading week break. I am currently exegeting a few passages in Isaiah for the small group that I lead on Thursday nights. If it turns out not to be too worthless, I'll try to post my insights.