From 0° to 30° in a Week


Yes, it has been a rdiculously long time since I last posted, and I am going to try to get back in the habit for my faithful readers. Last week I was in Kannanaskis (south of Calgary) for a CRC chaplain's conference, where much to my dismay, I woke up the the picture you see above. And as luck would have it, white-water rafting is pretty much non-refundable. So I went white-water rafting on a day that was also more than appropriate for downhill skiing. It was a pretty sweet experience, and I have to say, the view down a mountain river (in this case, the Kannanaskis River), was stunning.

Of course, this week it's absolutely smoking hot up here, and unfortunately my apartment collects heat better than a well insulated attic. I am seriously considering hunting down a second hand windows air conditioner. That or a swamp cooler, it might be dry enough of here for one of those to work. In any case, as was the case last year, just a fan really isn't doing it for me.

And finally, for those of you living in the States, USPS is finally introducing a set of 15 stamps based on Star Wars. I am definitely picking up a set of those ;-).

Star Wars Postal Stamps On The Way

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