Summer at its Finest


It has been long since I last posted, and perhaps for good reason. It's been a weird month. My luck hasn't been running exactly strong the past few months, and so I naturally spend the last couple of weeks in convalescence. The picture above was taken a day or two before my surgery. But I haven't been back on my bike yet to revisit the scene. It shows just one of the dedicated pedestrian bridges in the city In any case, the weather has been beatific of late. Up until very recently, I have been enjoying my biking and running through Edmonton's park system. I am hoping to get back there again very soon.

One of the more enjoyable aspects to Edmonton's summers is that they usually do not get above 30° C, and they sport high amounts of daylight, at its peak, that means there are 17 solid hours of daylight here. That's really not half bad. We pay for that in December.

I have spent much more time than I would like this week fighting with the University's residence services. I must admit that I am tempted to start posting their names and photographs here for semi-public ridicule. Their office has been promising to review my account and make the necessary corrections (I have original documents for proof), but despite claiming that they'd have it squared away on Wednesday, it's the weekend and we've gotten nowhere. Not only that, but they have been sending people in here at a steady flow. I really need to figure out how to deadbolt the door. It's getting old. Two women wandered in today to catch me in my boxers unaware. Tomorrow or any day now expect them to move two more people into the empty bedrooms, and tthat's got me pretty edgy...

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