23 Meets Alberta Dan


For how uneventful the summer was earlier, I have certainly made up for it here near the close. I just capped off the month of August with a friend of mine who drove from Michigan to visit. He characterized the drive as being "long and boring", but I suspect he's just being picky. In any case, we had a pretty good time while he was up here. We wound up going out for Indian food, cooking a pork stirfry, and watching Firefly. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I was pretty tired by the time he left. I still had to work while he was out here, so I traded leisure time for sleep

I have my birthday coming up here in a couple days, and so I'll go out for that, but then things start to get really tight. I have an exceedingly high number of things to get done before classes actually start up. I keep trying to crack into organic chem a bit to review, but it's been harder to work up the motivation than I'd hoped. But it needs to happen on a serious level before the end of the week. Last week of work too, so I am trying to wrap stuff up there as well.

I went for a run tonight across the High Level as I am often wont to do and I hit the sunset, which I must admit was stunning. But I had this thought: I am going to be 23 quite soon here, and hopefully will also graduate in the very near future. After that though, I am remarkably blind. I am quite unsure to what I am doing, and I have never been especially comfortable with that.

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