Stampeding for the Finish


Girl on the beach I love the colors in this shot. The photographer has done a wonderful job with the washed-out look in addition to an inspired composition. It looks almost... wistful. I have now finally begun what I am almost certain is my last semester as an undergrad at the U of A. Of course, never say never, but I am fairly determined to wrap this degree up and move on to bigger and better things (that pay). Still, I am somewhat enjoying my last run around the track. For one, my courseload is difficult, but not as large as it has been in some years. Plus, it's my last run around the track and I plan on making the most of it. Last night I went to the first Pro sports game that I have ever been to. It was a Canadian league, but that's close enough. Saw the Eskimoes play the Calgary Stampeders... and lose. That said, the tickets were given to me, and it was a pretty close game. All in all, a pretty neat experience and certainly one I would be more than happy to repeat in the future. I got some good use out of a set of binoculars that my grandparents bought me years ago for a birthday. I had not realized how many mini-games and the like that they run while doing the game for all the people in attendance.

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