The Nightmare and 2007 Are Nearly Over


Michigan License Plate
As is painfully evident from the picture, I received the license plate that I have been so desperately seeking around 8 tonight. This is, of course, deplorably late. What was supposed to be five or so business days according to USPS turned out to be about 2 weeks. In fact, it is so late that I had already paid Fedex and the Secretary of State to get a 30 day plate overnighted to me with Saturday delivery. It's painful just thinking about it. I put in official complaints with both of the offenders, but thus far I have heard a lot of hemming and hawing about whose fault it is. This is why, I am happy to report, that credit cards are the best way to pay for most things. One word: Chargeback. Regardless, I am absolutely going to leave Canada tomorrow for what has become a brief sojourn in Michigan to quick see some of the relatives. I found and bookmarked all the sites that give road conditions, bought a few audiobooks, and picked up a ton of music from Rhapsody. I am praying for smooth sailing, because heaven knows I have earned it. This frozen road trip has brought some non-trivial angst to the people that I have notified about it, and I'd like to prove them all wrong. Hard to do since I missed Christmas, but I digress. I am curious as to who everybody is going to vote for in the primaries. The next few days should be fascinating as the race tightens up and the second tier candidates drop off. Personally, I have not really decided on any one candidate, but since my voter registration was in MI, it doesn't matter anyway. Our votes were disqualified by an over eager legislature, eager to cash in on Iowa and New Hampshire's share of electoral funds. I guess I'll watch and see what they come up with.