News Update


It's been far too long since I last posted here, due in large part to technical problems. I do not run this server myself, a fact that I am somewhat relieved about, but of course this also means that I have no input into the maintenance or upgrade schedules. Much to my chagrin, they decided that the time had come to do a major server overhaul, and move the entire machine over to Debian Etch, install a new version of perl, etc. Once they had finished the overhaul, I was unable to get quite a few of the normal applications that I had installed to run. In any case, I now have this working sufficiently again, and now have upgraded the Movable Type installation as well. I have been busy preparing to move, graduate from the University, and finish my class. March has been somewhat productive as a result, though busy. I would like to think at least that I have accomplished quite a bit, but that may just be overly optimistic thinking. I did finally make it down to Southern Alberta to visit family over the Easter long weekend, which was quite relaxing. It's a shame that those weekends never last quite long enough, and they come so rarely. Once I finish the move over to my new residence this week, I should be able to tackle a few long running projects I have been meaning to get to for some time. Already, I have had the time to read a good way through EP Sanders' book on first century Judaism, and I am nearly finished with Colin Gunton's theological overview. It is refreshing to have the time and the opportunity to have a bit of self directed study without the pressure of certain arbitrary deadlines. Either way, summer brings with it a host of opportunities that I find to be ripe for the seizing.